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Fuel cell technology shines a sustainable light in Paris


The Eiffel Tower was illuminated green using a Toyota fuel cell powered generator.

The striking display took place during the hydrogen and mobility exhibition, Paris de l’hydrogène, organised by Energy Observer, the Toyota-supported, self-sufficient world-travelling boat operator, and the City of Paris.

The exhibition highlights the vehicles, technologies and applications that will shape the sustainable cities of the future and is being powered by a green hydrogen-fuelled GEH2 generator, developed by EODev, incorporating a Toyota fuel cell.

As well as providing the power for the exhibition, Toyota’s fuel cells can be found in a number of exhibits, including the new Toyota Mirai saloon car, the fuel cell CaetanoBus and a REXH2 maritime range extender, another EODev innovation. Each of the products are now commercially available, providing real-world solutions for decarbonisation across industry and society.

Jérémie Lagarrigue, Managing Director of EODev talked about the significance of the event: “We believe this initiative will be followed by many other celebrations of clean energy. We expect the most beautiful monuments in France and elsewhere will be illuminated thanks to sustainable energy solutions. Beyond their symbolic significance, these initiatives, such as EODev’s GEH2, highlight zero-emission solutions that are already operational today.”

Matt Harrison, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, echoed these sentiments about the future role of hydrogen in relation to decarbonisation: “Hydrogen fuel cell technology will play a key role in enabling Toyota to reach its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. This commitment was made back in 2015 when we announced our 2050 Environmental Challenge and launched Mirai, the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle.

“We also believe that fuel cell technology will play a vital role in achieving carbon neutrality across the global transportation ecosystem, not just in the automotive sector but also across the bus, truck, rail, aviation, maritime and stationary power sectors.”

As the Official Mobility Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Paris has a special significance for Toyota. During the Games, Toyota will provide zero-emission vehicles and advanced mobility products to highlight its commitment to zero-emission mobility solutions and “Mobility for All”.